Absolutely there are gaps as educators we do have academic freedom to exercise.

Many ways of improving feedback to students:

1.  Make sure your feedback is credible

2.  It is on target to what exactly you are referring to with regards to a specific point in the question.

3.  Feedback must be clear, constructive, helpful, legible and interpretable

4.  Feedback must be timely.  More importantly have I given my students enough time to practice and integrate feedback provided.

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  1. Hi Mohd,

    Your comments about how we can improve feedback are excellent, particularly the idea of feedback being timely. There really isn’t much point in providing feedback if there is no time or further opportunity for the learner to implement and integrate your ideas into their work.

    This also implies that there needs to be a sense of ongoing feedback on iterative assignments and work. Is that something that works well in comp.sci.?


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